IDDC is committed to its Values and Principles which uphold inclusive ways of working, both internally and in all its development activities, and which seek the participation of all members and both encourage and respect diversity. These are:

  • Human rights for all. We believe in the full range of human rights and recognise that the rights of disabled people are frequently violated. We are committed to working for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and working to ensure our activities are implemented within a human rights framework.
  • Inclusion and diversity. We believe in the social model of disability and that inclusion is both a process and a goal.
  • Sustainable development and social justice. We believe that development must strive to promote equity, justice and respect for diverse cultures and peoples and that poverty alleviation and inclusion are necessary to promote sustainable development.
  • Partnership and collaboration. We believe in working in partnership with disabled people, Disabled People’s Organisations, networks and with families and communities. We believe in supporting the full participation of disabled people in our own organisations and wider society.