IDDC Articles of Association (Statutes)

IDDC has been officially registered in Brussels as an IVZW (international not-for-profit organisation) since 2007.

The IDDC legal Statutes were revised and approved at the General Assembly 2011

IDDC Values and Principles and IDDC Working Practices

In addition to the legal Statutes, the General Assembly decided to develop a non-legal Constitution; the first version was signed off at the IDDC General Assembly in 2007 with the agreement to have it as an agenda item at each General Assembly (GA).

At the IDDC GA, the original Constitution was revised and split up in two separate documents:

  1. IDDC Values and Principles (revised and adopted by the IDDC GA in 2018 - formerly the IDDC Values, Beliefs and Principles)
  2. IDDC Working Practices (revised and adopted by the IDDC GA in 2019 - a fully accessible version will soon be uploaded)