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AIFO is a grassroots organisation with groups of volunteers spread through out Italy. Some of local AIFO groups are NGOs officially recognised by their local administrative bodies. The different AIFO groups are organised in regional level coordinations. Delegates from AIFO groups and coordination offices together constitute AIFO's General Assembly.


AIFO's head office is located in Bologna in the northern part of Italy. AIFO works in both developing countries and in Italy. It focuses on the integration of the prevention of leprosy in primary health care services as well as Community Based Rehabilitaiton (CBR) programmes including a wide array of different groups of people with disabilities, including persons with mental illness and leprosy. 

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Via Borselli 4-6

Tel: +39 (0)51 43 93 211

Fax: +39 (0)51 43 40 46


Contact person: Francesca Ortali