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Access to a livelihood (including social protection, employment and microfinance) is a fundamental right for persons with disabilities, and IDDC believes that those involved in economic activities in developing countries must improve their capacities to become inclusive.

How is IDDC involved?

The IDDC Livelihood Task Group raises awareness among key stakeholders of the issues around access to microfinance and other financial support tools that promote self-employment of persons with disabilities. At the same time, the Task Group also strengthens knowledge and skills on livelihood issues among IDDC members.

Our Livelihood Task Group was originally set up with a focus on access to microfinance services, but has gradually increased its competence to the broader spectrum of livelihood issues for people with disabilities. The Task Group is structured around 3 thematic subgroups to address the complexity and diversity of the livelihood concept:

  1. Microfinance and Financial Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities
  2. Social Protection
  3. Skill Development


The IDDC Livelihood Task Group aims at collecting and disseminating good practices, advocating and taking concrete initiatives to promote an inclusive access to livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities. To address the complexity and diversity of the livelihood concept, the Task Group is structured along three subgroups:

  1. Access to employment and financial services
  2.  Social protection
  3. Skills

Objectives of the Livelihood Task Group:

  • To share, analyse and document IDDC experience in this area both in terms of knowledge and project experience;
  • To disseminate this field experience widely within IDDC and to key stakeholders;
  • To engage key stakeholders in discussions on this topic with the objective of establishing a specialised network and of broadening support for successful methodologies on this topic.

Livelihood Taskgroup: Events Actions and Campaigns

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