Why is IDDC involved in Inclusive Health?

The UNCRPD is clear that persons with disabilities have the right to equitable access to health (article 25) and health related services such as rehabilitation (article 26).  The World Report on Disability and subsequent WHO Resolution, suggests that while persons with disabilities have equal or perhaps greater need to access health services, they are significantly less likely to be able to access them.

In the light of the push toward Universal Health Coverage, the significant progress within the HIV/AIDS community toward the greater inclusion of persons with disabilities, and the presence of the WHO Action plan on disabilities 2014-21, IDDC works to promote an inclusive health agenda in the international context that is inclusive of persons with disabilities and in particular to:

  • Promote article 1 of the WHO Action plan around addressing barriers to access health for persons with disabilities.
  • Engage with health actors, including those in the HIV and AIDS sector, to raise awareness of inclusive health
  • Engage with disability actors on issues pertaining to health and to develop materials on health and disability.


Inclusive Health Task group: Our Resources and Tools page provides policy contributions, position papers, events, actions, and campaigns related to Inclusive Health