The new European Parliament will very soon vote on the new Commission, after hearings with the Commissioners-designate put forward by Mr. Juncker. IDDC is working on getting questions of disability and development included in these hearings. You can find more information on the Commissioners-designate here.


Elections for the European Parliament are now in full swing across Europe!

77 candidates so far have signed the IDDC Elections Statement. We hope that as many of them as possible will become MEPs for the next five years and help us build a truly inclusive European Development Cooperation.

And don't forget to vote!



In May 2014 the European Elections will bring dozens of new Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to Brussels. 


In IDDC's work in advocating for inclusive development cooperation at the European level, a lot of the actions we take are aimed at the European Parliament (EP), often through the EP Committees, whether it is the Development Committee, or other relevant (sub-)Committees, such as Human Rights, Foreign Affairs or Budgets.

In order to work effectively, it is very important that IDDC has MEPs dedicated to the cause of development and disability in as many relevant Committees as possible.

With a new European Parliament coming out of the elections in May, IDDC needs to ensure that we will have the same kind of relationship we have established with our current MEP supporters.

This is why this pre-electoral period is a key moment for IDDC advocacy for the rights of persons with disabilities in development, and is especially aimed at candidates standing for (re-) election.

To help us achieve that, we drafted the IDDC European Elections Statement for MEPs and Candidates.


IDDC European Elections Statement

In this context, IDDC has drafted its IDDC European Elections Statement which was launched in the European Parliament in Brussels in January 2014. It has already been signed by MEPs from across the political groups and all across Europe. 

IDDC European Elections Statement

(currently available in English, French, German, Dutch and Italian)

Updated list of signatories