CBR World Congress- Panelists

IDDC members are supporting the implementation of the new CBR guidelines as a strategy for building an inclusive society. Read more about IDDC Task Group on CBR

How is IDDC involved?

CBR is a key strategy for the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as contributing to the Millennium Development Goals. Approximately 90 countries have adopted CBR as a main strategy for building an inclusive society.
The IDDC CBR Task Group is engaged in shaping and harmonising CBR globally, with a strong focus on human rights. Mainstreaming disability into development practices is also a core component in implementing the IDDC objectives through CBR.

Our focus

The IDDC CBR Task Group has been deeply involved in the development of the new CBR Guidelines and is now doing a lot of work around the dissemination and the impact the Guidelines will have on the development of CBR programmes.
Currently the main focus areas of the Task Group are:

  • Promotion and dissemination of the CBR Guidelines (summary version, translations, launch events)
  • International level representation and advocacy towards rights-based CBR programmes
  • Building capacity for implementing the CBR Guidelines (coordination of training resources, collaboration with CBR regional and national networks)
  • Contribution to monitoring and evaluation and research

CBR Taskgroup: Events, Actions and Campaigns

CBR Taskgroup: Resources and Tools page provides policy contributions, position papers, events, actions, and campaigns related to Community Based Rehabilitation.