IE Policy Contribution and Position Papers

IDDC Position paper on ‘Teachers for All: Inclusive  Teaching for Children with Disabilities' written by IE Task group members, Ingrid Lewis and Sunit Bagree, funded by Sightsavers, June 2013 IDDC...
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HIV/AIDS Resources and Tools

Promoting a disability perspective in Uganda's HIV AIDS National response: good practice on mainstreaming disability in national policy VSO and LVCT, 2009, A Handbook for Best Practices regarding...
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HIV/AIDS Policy Contributions and Position Papers

IDDC’s Policy Briefing on HIV & AIDS and Disability June 2012 Policy briefing in French
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Conflict and Emergency Policy Contribution and Position Papers

 Fact sheet on Disability in Conflicts and Emergencies produced by the Atlas Alliance with contribution from CBM in preparation of the Conference on Disability in Conflicts and Emergencies "Reaching...
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UN Policy Contribution and Position Papers

IDDC and IDA release a Response to The Report of the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, June 2013 IDDC’s letter to the president of the General Assembly on the...
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European Union Policy, Contributions, and Position Papers section two

EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework: IDDC's Position Paper: The work on the Funding Instruments of the Next EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework on MFF April 2012 IDDC's input on MFF
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