Thanks to an operational agreement signed with the World Health Organization-WHO, OVCI la Nostra Famiglia has completed the translation into Italian of the Guidelines on Community-Based Rehabilitation - CBR, published by WHO in 2010.


The Guidelines are made up of 7 Booklets:

The files can be downloaded from the official OVCI website - technical section

The CBR was promoted as a strategy to improve the access to rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in low and middle income Countries, making rational use of local resources. Over the last thirty years, through the collaboration with other Agencies of the United Nations (UN), Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations of people with disability, the CBR has evolved to become a multi-sectoral strategy that addresses the broadest needs of people with disabilities, ensuring their participation and inclusion in society and improving their quality of life.

The Guidelines, published in 2010, promote CBR as a strategy that not only contributes to the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the National Legislation on the issue of disability inclusion, but which also supports Community-Based Inclusive Development. The Guidelines provide CBR managers with, among else, practical suggestions on how to develop and strengthen CBR programs, and ensure that people with disabilities and their family members can enjoy the benefits of accessing health, education, livelihood and social inclusion.

The Guidelines especially focus on empowerment (i.e. raising responsibility and strengthening people) through the support for inclusion and participation in all development and decision-making processes of people with disabilities, their families and the communities they belong to.

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