• IDDC’s Policy Briefing on HIV & AIDS and Disability June 2012
  • Mid-term review European Programme for Action to confront HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in External Action (2007-2011): IDDC’s letter to the members of the Development Cooperation Working Group (CODEV)
  • The Global Commission on HIV and the Law released in July 2012, the Global Commission on HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights, and Health Publication and in June 2013, the UNDP in collaboration with Human Rights and the Law in Asia and the Pacific released the Compendium of Judgements: Background material, which highlights how the law has been used to protect individual rights
  • UNAIDS, WHO, OHCHR (2009) release Disability and HIV Policy Brief
  • Participants of the second meeting of the Africa Campaign on Disability and HIV & Aids release the Kampala Declaration on Disability and HIV & AIDS, 2008. The Declaration is a key advocacy tool and gives the basis for a common message and unified specific action points to stakeholders in both Disability and HIV/AIDS

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