As a follow-on to the Call to Action to Invest in Disability-Inclusive Education earlier this year and our campaign to increase investment in disability-inclusive education, the Inclusive Education Task Group of IDDC, supported in part by a grant from Open Society Foundations via IDDC Member Light for the World, will be launching the newsletter - EduInvest Quest: Disability inclusive education financing.

The failure to reach children with disabilities is one of the biggest stumbling blocks standing in the way of success for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which promise to ensure ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’, for all, by 2030. We are in a great position now to change the situation.

We need to get governments at all levels including development cooperation, foundations, and NGOs to increase investment in disability-inclusive education. In order to make this happen, we need to stay informed about advocacy opportunities, strategically organise ourselves and share experience about our efforts.

The EduInvest Quest newsletter, which will be launched during the week of International Day of Persons with Disabilities will help us stay connected, together and informed. It will also show-case good practices of those answering our call to action to make inclusive education for children with disabilities a priority. 

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