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  • IDDC member CBM, releases publication, Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Management: Voice from the Field and Good Practices, 2013
  • The Impact of Climate Change on People with Disabilities Report of the e-discussion hosted by the Global Partnership for Disability and Development (GPDD) and the World Bank (Human Development Network - Social Protection/Disability & Development Team) 2010
  • Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance and the UN Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities (IDDC) document describes the significance of the CRPD in emergencies and humanitarian assistance.
  • Handicap International resource site on making Disaster Risk Reduction disability inclusive across Asia. A practical toolkit based on HI’s experiences in Asia
  • IDDC training manual Emergency and Universal Design Breaking the cycle of poverty and disability in development
  • Inclusion Made Easy: a quick guide to inclusion by CBM. This guide is designed for program staff in international development organisations. It is a brief, practical guide on how to ensure programs are disability-inclusive. It offers basic inclusion principles, practical tips and case study examples. Part A focuses on disability-inclusive development principles and Part B on disability inclusion across a range of development sectors, among them disaster management
  • The database of Source, the International Online resource Centre on Disability and Inclusion, continuously updates its resources on humanitarian response, Disaster Risk Management and post-conflict and their intersection with disability
  • BBC News article, Where Disability meets Climate Change, 5 December 2009
  • Water Aid (accessible Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children (June 2008): Disabilities Among Refugees and Conflict-Affected Populations: Resource Kit for Fieldworkers
  • IDDC Research Report to KaR Disability Programme, Overseas Development Group 2005 Disability in Conflict and Emergency Situations: Focus on Tsunami-affected Areas

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