24 Aug 2016

August 2016, Geneva - During the opening of the 16th session of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Committee), the International Disability Alliance (IDA), the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) and GQUAL launched a call to action to promote gender parity within the treaty bodies and international and regional organisations.


This call responds to the alarming result of the CRPD Committee elections of June 2016 which yielded a composition of only one woman member amongst 17 men members, starting from 1 January 2017. 

Concerted efforts and action are needed to ensure that gender balance can be restored within this Committee and respected and promoted across all UN treaty bodies, and international and regional mechanisms.

In this context, the relevance of the GQUAL campaign is all the more heightened; the GQUAL campaign was conceived seeking to improve women’s representation in international tribunals and monitoring bodies by helping to change the norms, guidelines, and practices that regulate the nomination and voting processes through which the composition of these bodies is determined.

We are calling on all actors - States, National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), independent monitoring mechanisms, treaty body and other human rights experts, civil society organisations, including women’s rights, disability rights, human rights advocates and development actors- to join forces with us in promoting gender parity.

Read the full call to action here and sign on (it is available in English, French and Spanish)