12 Nov 2018
Aicha, a child with albinism hugs and plays with her friends in the playground of her school in Bissau. Taken by Marta Moreiras, winner of the #EDDW17 photo competition. Aicha (8) has a visual impairment as well as a very delicate skin, but this doesn’t stop her from playing and having fun with her friends during recess at school. She is very integrated within her group of classmates, she has lots of friends and she has a very extroverted character. She is very participative.

As part of the 2018 European Disability and Development Week, we are collecting meaningful and beautiful photographs that illustrate the Week’s theme: “Inclusion Together: Leave No One Behind” and that depict a person or persons with disabilities, in the context of middle income countries or low income countries. The 10 best photographs will be exhibited in the course of 2019, to contribute to raising awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities.


Conditions of participation

This contest is free and open to everyone, the general public and photography professionals. Participant should be an individual and not an organization. Contest participants have free choice as to the treatment of the subject. Photographs presenting a subject not related to the theme will not be taken into account in the final selection. Only digital photographs are accepted.The printing of the photographs is taken care of by the contest organizers.

Submission of photographs

Digital photographs must be sent to eddw@iddcconsortium.net by 6 February 2019. Each participant can submit a maximum of three photographs. For the detailed submission rules, please consult the attached document on 2018 EDDW photo contest rules.

Selection of the winning photographs

Ten photographs will be finally selected by the jury, and 1 winner will be designated. The final ten photographs will be exhibited in Brussels (and in various places in Europe if possible) in 2019.