Humanity & Inclusion and Sightsavers

Capitalisation/Technical review - Inclusive Education Project in Senegal

Humanity & Inclusion and Sightsavers are seeking a international consultant to undertake a capitalisation / technical review of an inclusive education project in Senegal.

Overall goal: To influence the Ministry of Education’s inclusive education model.

The aim of the capitalisation is to start modelizing what has been piloted to support the decision makers of the Ministry of Education, and therefore to influence the design of the inclusive education policy and the strategic plan. It should be a document of reference for duplication/ scaling up of inclusive education in the country. The capitalisation should inform relevant package for children having light and severe disabilities, with a focus on children having a sensorial impairment (visual & hearing).

Objectives: This capitalisation should provide lessons learnt from the pilots; guidance on how to replicate the model in other schools in Senegal; limitations of the experience; and recommendations to support improvement of our current practices in term of sustainability and scalability.

Expected results: The capitalisation should gather good experiences in including children with disabilities in the mainstream education system in Senegal. Existing minimum standards of inclusive education in Senegal should be presented, based on the 2 pilot projects implemented by the 2 organizations in Senegal since 2008 in the Casamance and Dakar regions for Handicap International, and since 2011 in the Dakar region for Sightsavers.

Consultant: An international consultant is expected for this work, with a profile of specialist in inclusive education/ special education & disability, with knowledge & experience in the West Africa context, with knowledge on the Senegal education system. The consultant should be fluent in French and English, both in speaking and writing.

For more information on expected deliverables and timelines of this consultancy opportunity and for further details on how to apply please see the Terms of Reference

Deadline for applications: 30 March 2018