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Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity. Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in more than 55 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.


HI is an independent and impartial aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. HI works alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, taking action and bearing witness in order to respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.
Advocacy is part of our social mission, aiming at policy change to increase the impact and meaning of our action. The HI federation is made up of 8 national associations in Europe and North America that mobilize resources, raise awareness about beneficiaries and programs and contribute to advocacy. HI’s advocacy is rooted in the organization’s field experience and focus on 3 priority areas: disarmament/protection of civilians, humanitarian action and development.
The humanitarian action advocacy manager is part of the Advocacy and Institutional Relations Direction of the HI Federation, in charge of designing, implementing and monitoring HI advocacy strategy.
HI advocates for principled and inclusive humanitarian action, both at global level and in specific crisis contexts. At global level, we have a particular focus on disability inclusive humanitarian action, in partnership with organisations of persons with disabilities and main humanitarian agencies. We are also strongly engaged to improve access, protection and freedom of movement in some specific crisis.


Under the supervision of the Director for Advocacy and Institutional Relations based in Paris, you work with the support of the humanitarian advocacy officer based in New York, advocacy officers based in the field, and in close coordination with the rest of the advocacy team in Brussels, Munich and Lyon. Your role is to initiate, develop and lead the implementation of the Advocacy Strategy for Humanitarian Action for HI. You directly manage the Humanitarian Action advocacy officer based in New York.


1- Lead the internal process to design HI advocacy strategy on Humanitarian Action, involving key stakeholders within the HI movement and ensuring their meaningful and relevant contribution to the implementation of the strategy through shared action plans

  • Establish the global Humanitarian Action Advocacy Action plan through the thematic coordination Committee, and ensure its implementation and follow-up, in line with the strategy
  • In close collaboration with field advocacy staff, lead the joint work on advocacy strategies linked to specific crisis contexts, with a consistent approach on policy objectives at local and global levels
  • Liaise with National Associations and communication department to ensure they have the good level of information and ownership about HI messages on humanitarian action, and provide support for media work and lobbying activities
  • Contribute to internal communication on humanitarian advocacy activities within the organization.

2 – Collect data and information from HI field operations to ensure our advocacy is grounded on solid, relevant and timely evidence, in close collaboration with AIR information and Communication Manager

  • Liaise with Geographic, Thematic and field staff in the Operations Direction to identify key issues and available data, define advocacy needs and organize collection of evidence
  • Organize the planning, identify adequate tools and modalities for the production of evidence, ensure meaningful contribution from key internal and external stakeholders
  • Establish shared dissemination strategy at national, regional and global levels, in line with expected policy change objectives
  • When relevant, and in close collaboration with the Federal Communication department, contribute to dissemination to the general public, towards the medias and on social medias

3 – Liaise with relevant NGO networks and coalitions in the humanitarian sector to contribute to and influence collective action towards advocacy objectives

  • Directly engage in most strategic coalitions and working groups related to the identified objectives
  • Liaise with other HI stakeholders who might be engaged in strategic networks or coalitions, at global or local level and ensure they are provided with the necessary information to enhance their influence and impact
  • Make the best of useful collective knowledge stemming from HI engagement in those networks to Inform HI advocacy strategy and action plan

4 - Engage with decision makers at global level, identifying key targets and processes to achieve policy change

5 – Raise institutional funding, manage Humanitarian Action Advocacy related budget, optimize resources and capacities to reach advocacy objectives


You have:

  • At least 5 years’ experience in the humanitarian sector on positions either on the field or at global level with a strong advocacy component
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the international humanitarian system, emergency contexts, International Humanitarian Law
  • Good understanding of operational constraints attached to NGOs work in crisis contexts
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, including the ability to cultivate high-level contacts within government or diplomatic circles, the media and civil society.
  • Proven ability to analyze complex political issues, identify impactful advocacy opportunities and innovative tools and tactics to achieve policy change.
  • Excellent project management and administrative skills.
  • Confidence working as an energetic and collegial member of a team, able to coordinate effectively with colleagues in other departments or entities and prioritize multiple competing tracks of work.
  • Excellent proficiency in spoken and written English at a professional level and a good command of French

Strongly preferred:

  • A graduate degree in international affairs, politics, international humanitarian law, or a related field.
  • Knowledge of issues linked to disarmament and protection of civilians at global level
  • High level contacts in politics and civil society in the humanitarian sector.
  • Experience of working with geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams.
  • Understanding of the challenges involved in working with NGO networks and coalitions.
  • Experience in global campaign engagement and coordination.


  • Type of contract : long term contract based in Paris starting from February 2019
  • Additional benefits: luncheon vouchers and health insurance
  • 39 hours a week with 22.5 days of RTT (work time reduction) to be taken each year
  • 5 weeks of annual leave


Closing date for applications: 31 December 2018


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