Event date: 

22 Mar 2017

Event location: 

Open Society Foundation (OSF) London, Millbank Tower

Launch of the full #CostingEquity

Partnerships to Advance Investment in Disability-inclusive Education

Hosted by: Open Society Foundation (OSF) London

Date: 22nd March 2017, 9.30am - 4pm (CEOs breakfast, joint session, campaigners strategy workshop)

Venue: OSF London, Millbank Tower

Organisers: Early Childhood Programme - OSF London, International Development and Disability Consortium (IDDC), LIGHT FOR THE WORLD International

Audience: OSF staff, UK based GCE, IDDC, BOND members, academics, other education actors, civil society representatives, persons with disabilities and their representative organisations and foundations.


The official launch of the #CostingEquity summary report at the United Nations General Assembly in October 2016 successfully put disability-inclusive education on the agenda. IDDC aims to take the report’s recommendations further by strengthening civil society partnerships and developing a more targeted advocacy campaign at international, regional and national level. Ensuring no one is left behind in education necessitates financing policies that promote equity, adequate budget allocations and transparency as well as strong civil society participation to ensure accountability.

This event will launch the full #CostingEquity research report and related material on equitable financing for disability inclusive education to an interested audience in the United Kingdom to:

  • Highlight challenges / shortcomings and promising practices in financing for disability-inclusive education by national governments and donors
  • Discuss how to take forward the recommendations from the #CostingEquity report in light of the upcoming advocacy opportunities (e.g. Global Partnership for Education replenishments) and capacity gaps of civil society organisations including DPOs
  • Cementing partnerships among CEOs and Foundation leaders to ensure evidence and action. 

The joint session will give an overview of the report findings and the opportunities to make a step change in the current state of play in education financing as a collective.  The pre-joint sessions is intended for CEOs / deputies only to get high level support and the campaigner strategy workshop is for IDDC members and others who would like to help with the campaign. 


i) CEOs’ breakfast, 9:30 – 10:30

Target: INGO CEOs

Through the session we are encouraging CEOs to get involved in the campaign, more specifically:

  • Engaging on DFID’s Disability Framework and inclusive education policy and how to ensure no-one is left behind in the delivery of the policy.
  • Building a high-level alliance among CEOs to jointly lobby and advocate for disability-inclusive education to be a priority on the agendas of major education donors.
  • Strengthening links between NGOs to form a consortium and co-ordinate efforts across programme development, advocacy and resource mobilisation.
  • Discussing adoption of a Statement of Action /  Call for Action on Financing Disability Inclusive Education[1] endorsed by all major iNGOs and their government partners in the global South to rally support from donor country governments to increase co-operation and investment for inclusive education for persons with disabilities.

ii) Joint session, panel discussion, 11:00 – 12:30

Target: iNGOs working in education, disability and development and human rights

  • The session will be moderated by Dragana Sretenov, Senior Programme Manager, Early Childhood Programme, OSF
  • Panellists will include Nafisa Baboo, Senior Advisor on Inclusive Education and IDDC Inclusive Education Task Group co-chair, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD; Ian Attfield, DFID Senior Education Adviser; Prof. Nora Groce, University College London; Prof. Pauline Ross, Cambridge University Research in Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) centre; David Archer, ActionAid, GCE Board and outgoing GPE Board member; Vladimir Cuk, International Disability Alliance  (10 minute presentation on report will be followed by short (5-7 minutes) responses by the other panellists).
  • Other IDDC members will be allocated a short time slot to present their contributions (Posters).
  • This will be followed by a discussion facilitated by Richard Rieser (CEO of World for Inclusion)
  • Closing remarks and summary of the morning's CEO Breakfast: Caroline Harper, CEO Sightsavers and Rupert Roniger, CEO LIGHT FOR THE WORLD International.

iii) Campaigners strategy workshop after lunch 14:00 – 16:00

Target: policy and advocacy advisors, programme officers, communications officers.

  • Finalise content of the Statement of Action / Call to Action
  • Coordinate inputs and participation for upcoming advocacy opportunities

More details from / RSVP to b.bach@light-for-the-world.org by 15 March 2017


See the Concept note and Agenda for the Launch of the full #CostingEquity at OSF London

Footnote: [1] This will be similar to the statement of Action on girls education, see https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/559598/Girls-Education-Forum-Statement-of-Action1.pdf