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icons of different disability types: lame, blind, colour-blind, stammer, dumb, deaf

The International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) and its members aim to promote inclusive development. Inclusive development means respecting the full human rights of every person, acknowledging diversity, eradicating poverty and ensuring that all people are fully included and can actively participate in development processes and activities regardless of age, gender, disability, state of health, ethnic origin or any other characteristic.


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Upcoming events

Module 1 Bridge CRPD-SDGs Afrique de l’Ouest Francophone

04 Sep 2019 to 10 Oct 2019
Niamey, Niger

Making visible the invisible - A disability-inclusive approach for leaving no one behind

18 Jun 2019
EDD 2019 - A2, Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C, Brussels

Together for Inclusion - Inclusive development in action

18 Jun 2019 to 19 Jun 2019
EDD 2019 - Exhibition Area 7, Tour & Taxis site: Avenue du Port 88, 1000 Brussels